Happy Passover 2020


This is always a somber holiday for me. I haven’t celebrated it since my parents passed away, and I have zero desire to participate in it. This is where my version of faith differs from others. I have my reasons.

I am going to take this holiday to write, read, reflect, and try to focus my anxious energy into something positive. Especially since my migraines are currently out of control to the point where I am either sound asleep or unable to sleep for days. I have a phone appointment with my headache specialist next week. I pray she’s got answers because I can’t listen to another moment of bullshit. This level of suffering is beyond cruel. My cats have been taking turns watching over me. I think my Tortoiseshell has a future in neurology. She knows exactly where the pain is and then lies down close to purr and try to heal me.

If you’ll be celebrating Passover with your family (physically or virtually), may you find peace during these eight days, and don’t forget to check out the beautiful Supermoon in Libra. G-d Bless.

Full Frost Supermoon In Taurus


A SuperMoon not only affects nature, such as the tides and wildlife, it also affects us. Our emotions will be heightened, our senses will be sharp, things that were hidden or in the shadows can now be seen.

The November Full Moon is also known as the Full Frost Moon, so-called because the frost and ice will start to set in as the earth grows colder. Animals will start to hibernate for the winter months, the last leaves will fall from the trees, and the land will become barren.

The Moon is rising in the sign of Taurus. We are amidst some strong planetary alignments that are heralding a need for great change and revolution both inside and out. Our attitude is of utmost importance during this time and can empower us and see us through whatever we are facing. Gratitude for what we have and a willingness to move with the energy that is calling us is required now.

This particular Full Moon will not be boring and will have an unpredictable vibe along with it. The places we have been feeling stuck in our lives may suddenly begin to move or shift. If emotions are clogged, they may surface and flow; let them, don’t hold anything in, let your emotions out. Be aware of dualistic thoughts, emotions and behaviors, as this may be generating a lot of mental stress and tension, plus sending out mixed signals to others and the Universe. Try to stay grounded and find balance. Finances are illuminated on this Full Moon, to watch what we are spending and to improve or bring in any extra income we can.


Tonight’s Full Moon brings change. We are coming to the end of the year, with Yule and the New Year fast approaching, we must become empowered to make the changes necessary to shift our situation. It is up to us, the time is now. We must let go and surrender to the deeper current that is transforming us. You are the master of your destiny. Take your power back from society and other people. Learn from your past mistakes. Vow to do better next year. Make a commitment to your success. Be adaptable. Make friends with change. It is not the enemy. Change is your friend. Change sheds the old and gives birth to the new.

This Full Moon is about communication, higher learning, and our sense of creativity and adventure. Something has been building inside of us and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos demands that we let it out. We are magnets to our desire now. We have the power to attract what we want toward us. Taurus is the sign of strength and truth; this will give us a boost in mind power, as we will be able to see things more clearly. We will see our own truths and a fog will be lifted that can show us a path that can lead us into improving ourselves both spiritually and mentally.


This Full Moon look into yourself and ask yourself what you need to move forward. Ask yourself how you are going to achieve this and ask yourself if you feel that you are strong enough to do this. If you feel that you are not strong enough, use the energy of this Full Moon to heal and gain strength. Ask the Goddess for guidance and to lead the way to a more positive, happier life.

Tonight is a good time to determine what you value and what you stand for, what you want to create in your life and carry forth into the next cycle of your evolution.

Have a blessed Full Moon. May the Goddess watch over you.

Written credit: Various

Photographic credit: Various

Edited by: Lisa Marino


Full SuperMoon In Aries


Tonight’s Full Moon will be a SuperMoon. The SuperMoon not only affects nature, such as the tides and wildlife, it also affects us; our emotions will be heightened, our senses will be sharper, things that were hidden or in the shadows can now be seen.

The October Full Moon is known as The Blood Moon because this was the time of the harvest of flesh, when farmers would slaughter their cattle and preserve the meat to last through winter. It is also known as The Hunters Moon because of the brightness of tonight’s Moon; it was the perfect time for hunting both day and night and gathering food.

A SuperMoon amplifies the effects of a normal Moon, we will be feeling ultra sensitive and emotional at this time. We may find ourselves feeling strong emotions we don’t even understand. Happy and laughing one minute, teary and sad the next. Don’t worry, this will pass, but this is the effect of the SuperMoon. We may experience wild and vivid dreams, or dreams of the future.

If you have been feeling stuck in a situation or that everything has been standing still lately, get ready, because this Full Moon will be bringing with it a wind of change. Tonight’s Full Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries. This is a time of great change. The universe is giving us so many gifts and chances; don’t be afraid to take them and to dream of bigger and better things, ask for more, do more, be more. Look at what may be holding you back and get rid of it. The Aries Full Moon is about starting fresh; getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.

So much of what has been suppressed is coming to light now and shining so brightly that we cannot ignore it any longer. This Full Moon is about truth and seeing what is really there; not what we want to see. In life we can often see illusions about ourselves, illusions about others, and illusions about our world. All of these will start crumbling away so we can rebuild on what is real and true.

The Aries Full Moon is a time of healing and cleansing, of getting rid of our negative junk and moving ourselves into a new and positive direction. Look closely at all the good things in your life and look at how to improve the bad things. It’s time to take a deep look within ourselves and become more aware of what makes us feel comfortable and secure. With this potent Aries energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. It’s time to make some solid, yet realistic, plans for the future.

Tonight’s Full Moon will be hot and passionate as we can feel the fire of the Aries element, yet we will feel a tranquil quality that can bring a new wave of calm and peace with it, too. The gentle dusting of energy bought by this Full Moon will allow us all to restore and recharge our batteries and perhaps even feel more comfortable with our situation. We will see with clarity what we need to do to heal and grow. Let the fire of Aries wash over you, cleansing and healing you. Now is also the time to get in touch with your passions & desires and work on making them a reality.

Have a blessed Full Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written credit goes to Wicca Teachings

Edited by Lisa Marino

Full SuperMoon In Pisces

Tonight’s Full Moon will be a SuperMoon. The SuperMoon not only affects nature such as the tides and wildlife, but it also affects us. Our emotions will be heightened, our senses will be sharp, things that were hidden or in the shadows can now be seen.

The August Full Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon because this was the time when wild sturgeon and salmon would be hunted in the rivers. It is also known as the Corn Moon, as this is a time of the corn harvests.

If you have been feeling stuck in a situation or that everything has been standing still lately, get ready because this Full Moon will be bringing with it a wind of change. The whole of earth is going through a massive transition. Summer is fading and Autumn is coming in, leaves are starting to change color and falling from trees, plants and flowers are dying and seeding the earth for next Spring. But at the same time, crops in fields are flourishing with the harvest, fruit is now at its most ripe. We will feel this energy of transformation, we should use it to help transform ourselves into what we want to be.

The Full Moon is in the constellation of Pisces. The time is potent to follow our hearts to create new pathways. There is a simultaneous shedding and emerging as we focus to ground our visions into form. Some deep emotional changes are happening as well so we must move with the changes, allow wants to come forth, and trust our inner knowing and guidance.

Your enthusiasm, idealism, and creativity could be at an all-time high. You could be bursting with new ideas. You could have sudden insights. You can move from breakdown to breakthrough. You are experiencing a transformation in consciousness.

Sometimes your growth can feel weird and strange when you are no longer connecting to your past. But truly, the old way of living no longer works for you. You are experiencing new aspects of yourself and life. You are giving birth to the new you, and giving birth is painful. This is real work. This is real growth. There is so much to celebrate. Realize that to live out new, promising visions, there’s a need to restructure. A new vision of the future will be illuminated, and it is up to you what you do with it.

Most of all, tonight’s SuperMoon will be about healing. Let the waves of Pisces psychic energy wash over you, cleansing you of negative thoughts and feelings. Let go of the past and welcome in the future. This is the harvest and it is time to start reaping what we have sown, your hard work will start paying off. Take the gifts life offers you and make the most of them.

Have a Blessed Full Moon. May the Goddess watch over you.


Written & Photo Credit goes to Wicca Teachings

Body of work was edited by me for cohesiveness, spelling, and grammar.