Suicides in Chronic Pain Community – Part 1

As the suicide rate increases in pain patients being withheld pain medicine, we will all be labeled “addicts”, when the truth is, the government now feels the need to dictate to doctors how much pain medication we are and are not allowed to have. #PeopleWithPainMatter

Rally 4 Pain


Over the next few blogs, we’ll be sharing a series of stories of people whose pain became so severe after the CDC “guidelines” were released and the States rushed to enact even tougher laws in an effort to show “progress” towards curbing the heroin crisis, causing a chain reaction of media hype meant to stigmatize and further antagonize chronic pain patients. This, along with attitudes from some physicians that regardless of whether the patient will decline, opioids will be reduced significantly or discontinued all together due to the government’s new opinions and instructions on opioid treatment for long-term use.

For many people, they know what type of pain they were in prior to the implementation of a pain management plan consisting of opioid treatment in conjunction with other modalities which was working nicely for them.  For the majority of these patients, the pain never “goes away”, it just gets…

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Why Women Have Trouble Getting Care for Chronic Pain

Why Women Have Trouble Getting Care for Chronic Pain…..

The Drug Industry Might Finally Have An Answer For Migraines

I’m on day five of a migraine, and at this point I’d murder someone in order to be rid of it. 😦 I was in bed so early last night and slept over eleven hours (unheard of, unless I’m REALLY sick). I’m still in excruciating pain. I still can’t stand the sound of anything (people mowing their lawns, the radio, etc.), and I still want to crawl under the covers and pray for this to end. 😦 I keep hearing people minimizing all forms of pain they do not personally suffer from; blowing it off as people “wanting attention”. If I “wanted attention”, the last thing in the world I’d suffer from are migraine and Fibromyalgia. If anyone in your life minimizes your pain by denouncing it as “a fake illness” or disrespects you by saying you “want attention”, by all means, send them in my direction. I enjoy hitting things.