Prescription Medications for Fibromyalgia: Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella, and Off-Label Remedies

I’m a rare success story with Cymbalta, at a very high dose of 360 mgs. I took it accidentally, but it helped so much and my doctor had zero issues with the dosing. Unfortunately, once it stopped working, I could no longer tolerate even the smallest dose. 😦 I have no idea what it’s like to be pain-free.

How anxiety and your diet are connected, according to experts

I suffer from extreme anxiety. My diet is fairly healthy. Lots of fresh fish and vegetables, and other lean protein sources. I’m picky about my fruit, but will eat an entire watermelon without batting an eye. I rarely eat red meat, I cut out a lot of dairy, I don’t eat fast food, and I don’t drink coffee. I gave it up in September of 2018, and I do not miss it. I try to make healthy choices. On occasion I do need to break up the monotony of healthy eating and eat something that’s not super healthy (even if it’s homemade pizza, I realize I am still using relatively healthy ingredients, even if it just means I chose a higher quality sauce and cheese.), but this has made no difference for my overall mental health. I still struggle with sleep, with panic attacks, with migraines after a panic attack, and other associated health issues. That’s my experience, but don’t let it influence you if you feel like a diet change might help you. We’re all different.