Going for a walk? Study says minimal exercise can lower risk of depression


Or if you’re like me, you need a destination in mind. I often function on auto-pilot when I take a walk. I have no idea how I get to my destination or how I get home because I’m SO trapped in my head. Sometimes I have to pause, check out my surroundings, and take a picture of a tree or something I see along the way. Also, I’m still depressed afterwards, but with more joint and muscle pain. Depression is a cruel taskmaster.

Emotions On High

This whole situation is disturbing and upsetting. It’s incredibly depressing, especially as I think about those who’ve already lost their lives for no reason. Let’s be clear; Ukrainian citizens are innocent in this. They did not cross over into another country with ill intent.

I am especially proud of President Zelenskyy, who is on the front lines. Other countries should take note about what this leader is doing for his people. He’s not hiding. He’s not letting his people be murdered and sitting in a bunker somewhere, waiting for news, or worse. May God keep him safe as he fights alongside his people. G-d Bless him!