Another Massacre


I lack the ability to be, “nice” to idiots when it pertains to terror attacks on pretty much anyone, but especially within the Jewish community. If you’re not angry today, you are part of the problem and not party to a solution.

When people tell me they’re scared, but aren’t in the position to be a target since they aren’t advertising their faith, I offer suggestions. Too often these are ignored, until it’s too late.

Right now, I need space. The place for change is not Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Yes, it’s important to take a stand, and you all know I use my voice on EVERY platform I have, but I’m ONE PERSON. One person with a strong voice, but that might not keep people safe.

A relative was afraid I’d draw too much attention to myself  because I’m volatile in my ability to be outspoken. Too much attention? In a small town, where you’d be hard pressed to find a vocal Jewish woman? 🙄 If someone is going to target me, they just will. They will be ill-prepared; I will not be. That’s why you get honest and get smart.

My concern is for the entire community within the United States. I can’t fix this country, but I CAN vote appropriately. Hopefully you will, too. Be aware that there are people who’ll say and do anything in order to win in 2020 (and during EVERY election), but those same people will turn on you if you no longer serve their needs. Pay attention to EVERYTHING and everyone. I have family in office. They are calling for the opposite of what I believe in, so they’re lucky I’m not eligible to vote against their victimization. I would definitely be up their ass about it publicly.

Regardless of faith, people need to come together. I’m color blind until I see hatred in one form, and then it’s a case-by-case basis. I won’t let evil people turn me into a racist, and neither should you.

Hug your loved ones tight, tonight. Send love far and wide. Do your best. 🙏 Tomorrow is another day. Let’s pray for a safe one.

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