Full Disclosure

I have taken the ads down.

When I was trying to post my views on the shooting in Philly, due to the ads, I was not allowed to use the words, “Police Shooting of a Black man”, “Murder”, etc. That’s NOT okay, because that’s exactly what happened. I am uncensored and unedited by others, so I am definitely not going to allow ads to censor me. FUCK THAT! Truth is truth and it needs to be told in the most honest way possible.

I take issue with the police shooting anyone without just cause, and I take deeper issue when it is someone who is on medication for any form of mental illness. I will keep discussing this, but for tonight, I hope everyone is safe and sound.

Dark times has been a theme this year as we all try to navigate life with Covid-19 putting a stop to so much of our lives. With the upcoming election, people are rightfully concerned. I pray for light and justice.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I usually try to post about this during the month of October. This year, I may be late in doing so, but I still wanted to mention it.

I don’t know a lot of breast cancer survivors. Maybe three, in total, and each of them chose different options regarding how to treat it. I know more people who have been tested for the BRCA1 gene. One friend was shocked she didn’t have it, mainly because her mother had survived breast cancer (And is alive and well to this day, THANK G-D!), so she was expecting the gene to be present.

I have an 18-24 month wait to be seen in order to be tested for this gene, unless I can convince my primary care physician to order cancer screening. He is hesitant. If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, I would have already moved on to another doctor.

Self-check yourself monthly. I do it twice a month because I’m a lunatic. If anything feels or seems off, make an appointment with your doctor and don’t be afraid to pursue a mammogram at ANY age. My cousin died very young from breast cancer, and at the time, her birth control pill was found to be the root cause of something they didn’t detect until just prior to her death. Medicine is more advanced now, so do whatever you have to do in order to have peace of mind. And men, there has been a vast increase in male breast cancer, so if you don’t feel right, talk to your doctor about it.

Even during a pandemic, we all deserve quality health care. I know many of us aren’t getting it, myself included. I will discuss it another day, but for today, schedule that mammogram as a precautionary measure. It might very well save your life.

Launch Day

Notice anything different today? If not, you will. Change is coming in big ways, and it started this morning when I made, “Poison In Lethal Doses” a true website.

This has been in the works for a while, but I wanted to launch the site on my birthday as a constant reminder of my writing and various community achievements here, and off-line. There are excellent opportunities and positive things I will be sharing as I get deeper into each project, but for now, I celebrate the bittersweet of this launch. The timing is crucial as I try to cope with difficult emotions. Hoping for the best. Thank you for reading. 🙂

P.S. Yes, the ads are annoying AF. I apologize. Click on one, you don’t have to browse. It keeps the site running financially. If it bothers anyone too much, please let me know. I did it on purpose to monetize slightly, but I can undo it, as well. I will ultimately do what is best for my readers and myself. We can figure it out together.

NarxCheck Score


This is an important piece of information for pain patients, as well as sufferers of any chronic illness in the United States. I’ve asked one of my doctors at least once a year if I was red-flagged for any of these reasons, but now I share this information with everyone so that they can determine for themselves if they would have a high score or a lower one. I fall into the low category, which I can assume is the only reason I’ve received small prescriptions for pain medication twice this year and once in 2017.

You all have a right to know about this and be an educated patient. If you have any questions, I will try to help.