Stop making “High Maintenance” sound like a curse. Some women will ALWAYS be loyal beyond words when they are treated with the knowledge of their value. Not everyone wants a surface level relationship. Some of us know better and deserve better. Knowing your worth doesn’t mean you’re “high maintenance”. It simply means you’re not going to settle. That should be applauded, not frowned upon.

I Love It When…


I love it when a friend says, “I’ve got your back.”, and truly means it. I love it when someone says, “I will ride this out with you or I will die with you trying.”, and they keep the promise. Some women don’t know how to be solid friends, and that is a enormous character flaw as far as I’m concerned. Not everyone is born to give 110% to anyone other than themselves, and women like that are not the kind I want in my life.

Brave Enough To Be Angry

This is incredibly well-written. It also triggered some memories for me that I knew might surface eventually. With many of my close friends coming to me with their stories, which range from offensive to disturbing and terrifying, I find myself a lot quieter.

The other day I was viciously attacked by two women, absolute strangers, for having a definitive opinion about someone/something. These people do not know me, they don’t know where I come from or what I have been through, but like so much on social media; people love to attack from behind a device. They feel safe in saying ugly things because you don’t live next door to them, or across the street. I find that cowardly. I actually expect that from most men (Not all, just most. There was a HUGE argument the other night when some douche bag attacked my cousin on social media. Instead of keeping the horrors of what occurred in Texas to a civilized discussion, and just discussing the facts, which is exactly what was happening until this guy took a cheap shot, an ugly low blow, and then deleted it, like a punk. I wanted to punch him in the face. You can say a lot of things to or about me, but you’ll never say I’m disloyal or that I don’t have your back. In fact, my cousin immediately texted me to say “Thank you for having my back in that discussion.”), but women should know better. I wish we, as women, judged less and respected more. However, we don’t. We collectively preach certain things, but so many do not practice what they preach. I’m not perfect. I can judge without realizing I’m doing it. I’ve often looked at it as intuition, as opposed to making a judgment call, especially when I end up being right.

Yes, women are a force. I wish all of us stood for the same things and truly understood the bonds of sisterhood.



I am going silent on Twitter in support of women starting today. I will update all posts that haven’t been added to the feed when the boycott lifts.

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Blessed Be.