Remembering The Victims of the Highland Park Parade Shooting

This makes me sick and SO very angry. The police in Illinois who knew this punk, who interviewed him at least twice, they all have blood on their hands. He had already tried getting into the local Chabad synagogue, which is two miles from where this took place. Thankfully, the Rabbi turned him away. Still, people lost their lives and so many others were terribly injured. They have since declared an 8th casualty.

An American Woman’s Nightmare

This news completely ruined my day, which was already somber to begin with. I am sick and tired of women losing their rights in this country. We are no longer a democracy, and things will probably get worse before they get better.

If you’re celebrating today, I strongly suggest you rush to adopt one of the nearly half a million children currently in the foster care system. If you’re a man who is celebrating, please schedule your vasectomy immediately. Women should not shoulder the full blame for necessary abortions. I don’t know a single woman who has made this decision lightly, or as a method of “family planning”. Yes, I am furious and will forever be pro-choice. If you’re pro-life, I have no issue with you. I can respectfully agree to disagree.

Ladies, it’s time to burn this motherfucker to the ground!

Daily Actions: August 2nd


Not gonna lie; I’m getting frustrated as hell over the way this isn’t being handled. Even worse, it is possible my brother has been exposed to the virus. He doesn’t work around people, but we’ve pinpointed the potential exposure down to one place. I’m so sick over this, I can barely think straight. 

#ExtendPUA #ExtendThe600 #FPUC #JamTheLines @extendpua @senwarren @elizabethwarren @sethmoulton @edmarkey @speakerpelosi

Daily Actions


We have to work together on this. #UseYourVoice

I’m 100% behind @extendpua and the work they are doing. We aren’t, “all in this together” unless we fight, even when we aren’t personally affected by something. Think about others. You could be next.

#ExtendPUA #ExtendThe600 #FPUC @sethmoulton @senwarren @elizabethwarren @edmarkey @speakerpelosi

American Workforce Rescue Act: Part II


Please contact your state representatives, Congressmen, and Senators. We aren’t, “all in this together”, unless we’re all using our voices correctly and achieving the goal. Even if you aren’t affected by this yet, imagine how you’d feel if no one had your back if this is what you needed during a pandemic. #UseYourVoice 

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Dark Days In America: Part VI

It’s incredibly hard to “respect” anyone in the White House who would rather play golf, than honor our Veterans (Secret Service stood under umbrellas while he played solo.), who chooses to place blame instead of immediately sending aid to California, and who has zero compassion, humanity, or empathy. What’s worse? I’m sure many of you elected him into office. Therein lies the biggest problem of them all.