I Wish I Had Words, But That Isn’t What I’ve Got

It would be great to have words on the fifteenth anniversary of my father’s death, but all I’ve got is anger. Anger, frustration, zero tolerance for bullshit, and absolutely no patience, empathy, or compassion for humanity at large right now. Facts are facts; why sugar coat it?!

While this year held many incredible and beautiful moments for me, it was also a stark reminder of isolation, the absolute fragility of life, and opened my eyes even further to the behavior of those who claim to love me. I have come to the decision that this fake love needs to be eliminated from my life, along with fake friendships which, while they may have been good for many years, no longer hold any meaning or value. There is no need to hold on to people who do not wish to put forth any effort. You do not need permission to let go of people who sicken you; whoever they may be.

The past few months have taken an epic toll on me. I have tried speaking about it here and there, but I have not been met with much support. This left me feeling like I couldn’t share it with anyone because no one care enough to hear my thoughts. This sort of explains my need to eliminate that which does not fit, and perhaps have room to embrace new people along the way, or not. The choice ultimately lies with me.

I wish I had more to offer today, but I don’t, and my honesty on the matter will have to be enough.

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