When An ER Nurse Blamed My Weight For Chronic Pain


Let the record state that if spoken to like that in ANY medical establishment, I would be doing an on-site report before a report to the state, after talking myself down from beating the fucking crap out of these nurses. People of all shapes and sizes have various forms of chronic pain. Many of us are former athletes. Being in pain and often unable to move, my own weight is not where I’d like for it to be, but I DO try. I have friends who tell me I am SO lucky to be able to walk. That scares me, because walking is sometimes all I’ve got. I really feel for the writer of this article. And I continue to be increasingly angry at the medical community at large.

Tylenol For Postoperative Pain


Some people have been approaching me about this, with similar stories of their own. To say I am enraged would be a tame response because this makes my blood boil. And after what I experienced pain wise earlier this week, I can assure you I would have screamed the fucking building down. If I should require surgery, I feel bad for anyone who thinks I’m playing games with pain management. What they’re pulling in this country ought to be fucking illegal!