First Caturday of September

This is true. I can be wearing socks during the colder months and when I wake up, I’ll find them (or not). I used to think I was losing my mind, until I caught my British Bombay pulling a sock off with her teeth, jumping off the bed, and running off with it. I went back to sleep and she got the other sock at some point. Now, I try to sleep so she can’t reach them, but if I walk past her, she’ll still try to get them. The rest of mine absolutely get stolen by the dryer.

Haunt People

I’m not in the best headspace to share what I originally intended for today. Hopefully, I’ll feel better in the coming days, or weeks. There are no guarantees.

I hope readers in North Carolina and Texas, among other states, are safe and that power is slowly being restored. Hard to question global warming when you see the damage it can do. I’m used to it, but I know many who are not. I have a deep fondness for my time spent in Texas, so I know they aren’t prepared. This country needs to get every electric grid prepared for anything; no excuses. Every state should have access to salt, sand, and plows as a precautionary measure.

May this find you safe, above all else.