‘There’s a lot of us out there that just can’t even get out of bed’: Living with crippling migraines


Personally, the CGRP drugs I’ve taken have been a nightmare. One of my doctors said, “Your body isn’t a big fan of medication.” Not those that don’t fucking work!

For Your Consideration…

Working on half a dozen different things for the site. Unfortunately, I am plagued by a bout of migraines which aren’t responding to medication. I think this will be my last month taking Ubrelvy as a rescue med. 😦 Maybe my doctor will have another option when I see her in three weeks. I try not to use this stuff at all, but when a migraine hits and effects your neck, mouth, face, and the entirety of your skull, you’ve got to cut yourself some slack.

I feel bad that I’m not accomplishing anything today, but being coherent enough to write this is falling under the, “good enough” category I rarely, if ever, settle for.

Here’s an updated photo of Kitten to make up for my lack of words. She was being especially cute yesterday while I was working. I only came away from the altercation with two scratches (Her nails are currently longer than mine. Vet appointment in a week and a half for the terrors.) and a smack. She asks for belly rubs and then grabs my hand like she’s human. She doesn’t mean to hurt me. She’s quite gentle and sweet, really. Yet, like me, SHE BITES. 🙂

Have a good one. I’ll be back ASAP with something that is hopefully more interesting.

Migraines Are a Serious Problem. Employers Can Help


Even with a solid treatment plan that’s been in place for a few years, my migraines still plague me at times. I should be okay right now, but I’m coming off of nearly three straight weeks of intense pain and lack of sleep, so I’m in the state of waiting for the pain to return. Usually, my treatment nips long-term migraines in the bud, but this time, it didn’t. I am also on a new CGRP drug that I’m not especially happy with.

Another Day Ending in Y


I have quite a bit to say, but it’s obviously not going to happen today. I am tackling post-treatment pain after having had an in-office procedure done yesterday. I legitimately can’t even feel ice packs right now. My skin is not detecting cold or heat, which is scary. I am dealing with intense nausea, which I have medication for, but still… I’m doing my best to cope with the fact that some side effects are normal and others are extremely rare. I just have to get through the next week and a half and hope things normalize a bit.

On the plus side, my doctor prescribed an oral CGRP to abort my migraines since triptans have failed completely. The hospital pharmacy could not have been kinder and they genuinely shocked me when they said they can ship my medication to me as soon as it’s approved. It took a month and a half to get a neck brace from a medical supply company, but the hospital pharmacy is 100% on top of things. Good to know.

See you all on the other side. Here’s hoping I get some sleep.