Migraine and Headache Awareness Day 2022

I’ve had a migraine for almost thirty days straight, so bringing awareness to how severe and disabling this neurological disease is, is extremely important to me.

Maybe one day I will feel comfortable discussing how far I’ve had to go in terms of treatment methods. People who know wince. I’ve discussed it with very few people because I was immediately shamed while researching more progressive treatment methods. I was told it couldn’t be THAT BAD. Okay, live my pain for a month and see how you come back. 🙄 I don’t talk about it because I enjoy it!

Until then, please know migraine sufferers aren’t having a vacation when they bow out of family functions, having coffee, lunch dates, birthday dinners, weddings, etc. We’re not using it as an excuse to not have fun or celebrate life; we’re explaining why we can’t get out of bed. We wish we didn’t have to, especially to migraine deniers who wouldn’t know what to do if a vicious week-long migraine slammed into them. Until you’ve walked a thousand miles in my migraineur shoes, you have no right to judge me. I don’t engage with people who don’t understand that every time I get a migraine, I first have to assess what kind of headache I am dealing with. Is it my allergies? Is it my sinuses? Is it a tension headache? Is it coming from my jaw? Is it a stress migraine? I have to assess all of those things and then take the appropriate medication. Unfortunately, the appropriate medication doesn’t always work, and I end up in a vicious cycle I can’t break. I am not alone. I go for treatment next week. Here’s hoping it works.

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