Breakthrough Ketamine Nasal Spray for Suicidal Thoughts and Severe Depression Closer to Approval

The fact that this is being fast-tracked towards the approval process should make people nervous. That means someone is making a boatload of cash, and that not everything is known about this product.

Be mindful of the fact that Ketamine is both a street drug AND a popular, and dangerous, anesthetic for animals and humans. A family member repeatedly asked her vet NOT to use this on her cats, and he ignored her. It took months before these cats were “back to normal”. Imagine watching your beloved pet walk around confused and sometimes, be unable to walk properly because too much anesthesia was used after you specifically asked that a veterinarian use a different anesthetic.

My brother underwent a handful of medical procedures in less than a year. I asked each doctor NOT to use Ketamine, and I was ignored not once, not twice, but EVERY SINGLE TIME. My brother’s memory was almost wiped completely clean and when you’ve known someone since they were born and they’re accusing you of saying and doing something that you KNOW another family member said/did, it’s scary. You think, “Is this my brother? What the fuck is WRONG with him?!” It took me doing research to realize why I was dealing with someone who didn’t remember things clearly, or at all. To this day, I sometimes have to screenshot conversations we’ve had via text because he legitimately does NOT remember.

Do your homework regarding medication. No matter how desperate you may be for “relief”, is it worth losing your memory and/or brain function?

Borrowing Energy From Tomorrow To Enjoy Today

Borrowing Energy from Tomorrow to Enjoy Today