Full Cold Moon In Cancer


Tonight is The Full Cold Moon, named because after tonight the temperature will start to drop rapidly. It is also known as The Oak Moon and Yule Moon, This is an especially special Full Moon because it is the final one of this year. This will be one of the biggest. brightest Moons of the year.

Tonight’s Full Moon is rising in the sign of Cancer. It will be an intense, highly charged Moon filled with strong emotions coming to the surface. Don’t hold them back; let them out. This is a time of release, of letting go, and being our authentic selves. Let the world see the real you. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos demands that we let it out.

This is a particularly lucky Full Moon, so don’t be afraid to go for the things you want. Lady luck is shining on you now, so be ready for all that the universe is ready to gift you. Open your hands and your heart and accept your universal gifts. Don’t be scared to dream big and ask for more. Be positive and open yourself up to allow the good to come in to your life. Be ambitious, go for what you want, or put plans in place to achieve what you want in the future. You will have inner strength now that will pull you through anything that comes up against you.

This is a time to look back on the year passed and reflect on all the lessons we have learned, and the people who have come and gone in our lives. As we come to the end of this year we should use the energy of this Full Moon to energize ourselves for the coming new year. All the inner work you have focused on this year will now be the foundation for bringing more power, love, and energy into your life in this creative, forward-moving period. On this Full Moon we can truly bring in change, and transform ourselves to be who we want to be. We will feel braver and more confident than usual. Luck will be on your side. Let your thoughts and desires manifest into something real.

This Full Moon brings light to whatever was hidden in the darkness or buried within the subconscious, such as emotional pain or our deepest desires, but once awareness happens, you are able to make realistic changes. Our emotional levels move like strong turbulent waves in the ocean during high tide during this Full Moon in Cancer. Emotional reactions may be strong, energies may feel irritable or uptight, but don’t worry, as this will pass. We are amidst great times of transformation which are heralding major new beginnings. Change isn’t always easy or comfortable and it’s constant, so we must strive to keep our balance during these changing tides. Embrace the changes coming and steer them in a positive direction.

Let the Cancer energy of this Full Moon wash over you and cleanse your spirit, use it to heal you both emotionally and physically. Let the moonlight bathe and soothe you, body and soul. Seek a balance of light and dark and see the truth in your life, however much it may hurt. Only then can we do something about it. Now is a time of reaping the rewards of all the hard work we have put in this year, and try to relax a little and let the current take you to a new and exciting year.

Have a blessed Full Moon & may the Goddess watch over you.

Written credit goes to Wicca Teachings.

Edited by Lisa Marino.

Photo credit: Various