If you’ve excommunicated, dismissed, rejected, “broken up”, “divorced”, or tossed a person from your life, no matter who that person may be, then I see absolutely NO reason in hell for you to troll their Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, website, blog, or any other form of social media looking for updates or insight as to how their life is without you in it. In fact, I find the behavior utterly pathetic. Why am I mentioning this? Because I’ve got a few trolls and I can’t stand the hypocrisy.

If you don’t want me in your life, that’s fine. Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you, but don’t think I don’t know when you’re reading my work. I have tracking software and I know your IP address. Who the fuck do you think you’re fooling?!

When I let someone go from my life, that’s it. Done means DONE. It doesn’t mean I check in on them via social media, it means I’m DONE. I will always keep what they’ve told me private because that’s how I roll, I will not discuss them by name to anyone, but do I feel the need to cyber stalk them? No. I mourn the loss of the relationship and I move forward. I was fine before you and I will be fine after you. Eventually I might even forget their name (Okay, that’s not true. Their name goes on a list to send to my Bolverk. Anyone who understands that reference gets ten points.), but I stand firm in my decision. Some people are meant to pass through your life and show you things, they’re not meant to be a permanent staple. Live and let live.

I find it disturbing when people, even in a minor way, feel the need to troll another person’s life. When someone treats me like shit and then disappears, I know it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their own shortcomings and issues. I don’t see the point in a person like that continuing to read my work. What the hell are you expecting to find? Because if you’d like your name, address, phone/cell number, and/or Social Security Number listed on my header, I have news for you: No one is important enough for me to be so bothered. I have a life. It’s not the life of Jennifer Lopez or Bill Gates, but it is still a life and I do not feel the need to be vengeful because you’re deranged. Once again: Life was fine before you and it’s moving along at a steady pace without you. Unlike your imagination, the world does not revolve around you or your role, or lack thereof, in my life.

I respect and value my friends/friendships. I hold them in very high regard. If you blow the opportunity to be a part of that, it’s 100% on you. I let it fly because you cannot keep friends who don’t want to be kept and you cannot force people into friendships when they have ulterior motives or they come into a friendship with trust issues stemming from the past. I can only be myself. Loyal, present, and real. I am not going to change to make other people more comfortable. I don’t need to put myself in a small box because a few people can’t handle the fact that I am a strong personality who won’t eat shit politely with a knife and fork.

You either want me in your life or you don’t. I let you make your own decisions, and then I decide if I value you enough to allow you to return. If you don’t want me in your life, but you’re entertained by my pain, stop fucking trolling places you have no business being. That’s not “being a good person”, that’s being a hypocrite. May God explain the difference to you because you clearly have the common sense of a beach ball.

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It’s Okay To Change Your Mind


It amazes me how different people identify different things within you. Some people have this incredible ability to truly see inside your soul, whereas others only see enough until you no longer serve a purpose in their life.

A friend recently told me I had a “beautiful light within” and later pointed out that I am a “ride or die friend”. She & I haven’t been friends long, so I found it interesting that she was able to pick up on crucial things about me so quickly.

There will always be people in your life who will look for things to pick apart. Ignore them. I’m not kidding, flick them away with your finger. They are so screwed up inside that the only way for them to feel better about themselves is to look at someone else and try to tear them down. It’s not about you, it’s about the sickness inside them. I can’t look at anyone and try to make myself feel better by over-analyzing their flaws. We are ALL flawed. No one is perfect, though I HAVE had people profess to be. All one can do is shake their head at blatant lies like that. People like that have forgotten that once you lie to yourself, it’s game over.

On occasion someone comes into your life and you connect. You feel like they’re a kindred soul and will be a part of your life forever. And then, in an eerie moment, they show you how false they are. How their friendship comes with terms and conditions that would make a credit card company proud. In that moment, it is entirely okay to change your mind and say “On second thought, NO THANK YOU.” Cut that plastic son of a bitch up with the sharpest scissor you can find, and send their falseness into the trash. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I don’t respond well to passive-aggressive bullshit or ultimatums from people who are the wrongdoers playing victim. It goes all over me the wrong way. I can give a person credit for saying they’re sorry, but sometimes it truly is “too little, too late”.

Crappy people remind me who are my true friends are. They remind me why I’m not open to letting new people in. They remind me that no one has the right to hurt me, not even me.

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Seven Reasons The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Having read this, I feel pretty damn good about the kind of friend I am to others.


I had a “masquerading friend” break up with me via e-mail several months ago. Not only do I find it as low as breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend via text or social media, but it shows me who the person really is. I don’t have time for crap like that, or crappy people.