Seven Reasons The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Having read this, I feel pretty damn good about the kind of friend I am to others.


I had a “masquerading friend” break up with me via e-mail several months ago. Not only do I find it as low as breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend via text or social media, but it shows me who the person really is. I don’t have time for crap like that, or crappy people.

17 thoughts on “Seven Reasons The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

  1. I am going through this at the moment and it sucks! I gave everything but this so called friend is clearly not interested. It hurts like hell!


    • Some people are fake, and they lack the ability to have any type of genuine connection to others. It is not your fault, it’s an issue that truly lies with them.

      I know it is cruel and hurtful. To be honest with you, when certain people pull shit like this with me, I have to laugh out loud because it’s comical. How fundamentally fucked up they are is funny, because they cannot see the leaves for the trees. They cannot admit they’re wrong or imperfect, etc. It might sting initially, but it eventually becomes utterly bizarre and hilarious to me.

      Try not to let this person harm you any further. Laughter is the best medicine. Say a prayer for this person (because they obviously need it) and look ahead, not back.

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  2. I had somone I was friends with for a decade – in their bridal party, present for the birth of their first child, weekend hang outs kind of friends – recently tell me she never really considered me a friend. That was some masquerade. The shock is still wearing off.


    • That’s disgusting! Why would someone allow a person to be in their life to such an important extent and then turn on them and say “I never really considered you a friend.”?! That is mind-blowing and offensive as hell. I’d never let someone be in my bridal party that I didn’t truly want in my life and I certainly wouldn’t let them be present for the birth of a child, and spend so much time with them if I felt like that. That’s one hell of a performance, but you have to know it’s her, not you.

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      • At first I was disgusted and extremely angry. Now I just feel pity for her because I realize she incapable of forming true and honest connections with people. If you have to pretend your whole life it must be a painful existence.


        • I don’t blame you. I would not have been able to be nice, civil, or even remotely polite if someone spoke to me like that or said it at all. I have a temper.

          A lot of people are incapable of forming genuine connections with others, but have the common sense not to open their mouths and say something unforgivable.

          I always wonder if people are faking friendships, what else are they faking, ya know? Once I’m done, I’m done. I tighten the circle around me and I keep moving forward.

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          • I wonder the same.
            This was a real shock to me because of how involved we appeared to be in each other’s lives. The cracks started to show when I became ill.
            I too am of the ‘once I’m done, I’m done’ school. Some people view that as being quick to cut off, but I know it’s for the sake of my emotional and spiritual survival


            • A lot of people lose friends and family members also start to fall to the wayside when illness strikes. As if we’re suddenly different people. We’re not, we’re just suffering.

              There are ways to back away from people in a healthy manner, but what she did was cruel and unacceptable. That’s unforgivable to me. I’ve told people in the past that if they don’t want to be a part of my life, they can communicate that to me directly, but that if they simply disappear or pull a stunt, they might as well be dead. Dramatic? Not so much. I am fiercely loyal and I am very present in my friends’ lives, but I will not accept bullshit politely with a knife and fork.

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