Saving An Animal


Today was such a bad day for me, and I find myself incredibly grateful for my cats because they are such nurturing, sweet, loving souls who took care of me today and showed their love. They basically babysat me in their own way, and it’s not such a bad thing to have an animal, or two, in your life. There’s much to be said for adopting kittens and raising them, and then seeing their personalities and soul shine through.

My Bombay (Cat) would be the perfect therapy cat because she is exceptionally loving. She is also very accepting of people. All she wants to do is be loved in return and receive hordes of affection. She will do well around multiple humans because she wants to be with people nearly all the time. She has definitely not forgotten that cats were once worshiped. 😉

My Tortie (Kitten) is not a family cat, she’s a one-person cat and I’m her person. She’s genuinely my partner-in-crime. Today, all my anxiety and unhappiness manifested itself into her behavior, until I tried to calm down. Then she became extremely relaxed and settled into a spot in the afternoon sun.

I rescued them, but there are days when they 100% keep me alive.   



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