Apparently, We’re Doing Odd Miracles This Week

After folding clothes, tossing things, setting things aside for another time, and searching high and low, I finally locate the missing cord. I didn’t scream, “YES!” like I wanted to because someone else is now doing the whole, “Work from home” thing and I am trying to be quiet, out of the way, and respectful.

After plugging everything in, and trying to prepare myself mentally, I was speechless as I moved the touchpad around a little. Why? Because my computer suddenly decided to unfuck itself, and is now doing all the things it’s supposed to do.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?” was my silent reaction. I’ve turned it on so many time hoping it was just a minor glitch. I’ve run scans and diagnostics, and nothing seemed to be wrong. Apparently, G-d is on my side today.

I will not allow this to make me complacent, though. After finding my two previous laptops backed up to the hard drive, I couldn’t figure out how to backup this one, but now that I’ve got the cords, I will let someone walk me through the steps because they ARE different steps with this operating system. I noticed it had updated and turned the computer off while I was asleep, and that might have something to do with it because I saw so many articles where people were livid about bugs in the update. Now more than ever, we should have a greater appreciation for how much technology makes our lives easier

I will be back soon with my plans for Round Two of my quarantine. I went 18 days on Round One and I’m not feeling so great on day 4 this time around. Unfortunately, after my low grade fever went away, I’ve mostly had breathing problems. Some of this is definitely allergy related. But I’ve questioned if something was wrong with my lungs for the past six and a half months, so I will have to call my doctor and pursue matters further. I just have no idea when that will work out since they are currently doing video discussions and phone calls in order to minimize how many people are in the hospital building at a time. I have an appointment the end of next month and another in mid-May. I really hope I will be able to keep both appointments, but I guess I’ll know more in a few weeks.

For now, it’s medication time and rest. Orders from the doctor(ate). 😉

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Today was a rough one for me. I did what I could (which was very little. I ended up going back to sleep out of sheer stress and frustration, paired with poor sleep and nightmares.), made a great dinner, and when it came time to backing my laptop up, guess who couldn’t find the second cord that goes with my external hard drive? 😢 🤦 I immediately started tearing things apart. I was pretty close to screaming.

Ultimately, I found a missing cord for something else entirely (It’s been missing for over a year, at least.), and obviously, I’m going to be tearing the entire place apart tomorrow. I don’t always organize or keep things perfectly clean (which is mostly about organization and not always folding my laundry. It isn’t a total lack of cleanliness.), but when I get pissed and determined, shit gets done. You should see the masterpiece that is one of my containers of makeup. 😉 It’s never looked so good, but it’s truly something I was proud of after three hours. And that wasn’t ALL I own, but it looks great.

However, I digress…

For some reason, I’ve procrastinated since Saturday night. I had gone in that afternoon to drop off my laptop, only to be informed that they weren’t taking any new repairs because they would be closing and only handling online orders. 🙄 I tried not to get angry, and then was told that if I call the 800 number, they will be able to help me.

Technically, I know what I’m doing. I’ve had a computer my entire life. But this time, I just feel immense stress. It’s irrational, but I do know I’m going to find that cord and get down to business.

I made some decisions for content when I return. I even contemplated a video. Don’t worry; I scrapped the idea thirty seconds after having it. I think the change of pace will be refreshing.

Wish me luck 🍀 locating this cord. 🙏 It can’t have gone far and is likely under something. Probably unfolded laundry. I never said I was perfect. 🤷

I need to be back SOON or I’ll lose what’s left of my mind. 😔


Saint Patrick’s Day


How is everyone doing? I will not lie; I’m struggling. Feeling extremely trapped and suppressed during this global insanity, teetering on the edge of losing my mind because I feel like no matter what I do, I’m wrong. At least that’s what people tell me. If you’d heard the conversations I’ve had over the past few days or the text messages I’ve gotten where people told me to “Stay indoors. You don’t need to be sick.” I very nearly said, “Focus on your own health and don’t tell me what I NEED, thanks.” It’s grating. When did I become a lobotomy patient that everyone mistreats?!

I’m praying for relatives and friends in Italy and Spain who are at risk, but mostly I am just trying to stay sane, which is much harder than one might think.

Wishing those who are celebrating at home a happy Saint Patrick’s Day.