Today was a rough one for me. I did what I could (which was very little. I ended up going back to sleep out of sheer stress and frustration, paired with poor sleep and nightmares.), made a great dinner, and when it came time to backing my laptop up, guess who couldn’t find the second cord that goes with my external hard drive? 😢 🤦 I immediately started tearing things apart. I was pretty close to screaming.

Ultimately, I found a missing cord for something else entirely (It’s been missing for over a year, at least.), and obviously, I’m going to be tearing the entire place apart tomorrow. I don’t always organize or keep things perfectly clean (which is mostly about organization and not always folding my laundry. It isn’t a total lack of cleanliness.), but when I get pissed and determined, shit gets done. You should see the masterpiece that is one of my containers of makeup. 😉 It’s never looked so good, but it’s truly something I was proud of after three hours. And that wasn’t ALL I own, but it looks great.

However, I digress…

For some reason, I’ve procrastinated since Saturday night. I had gone in that afternoon to drop off my laptop, only to be informed that they weren’t taking any new repairs because they would be closing and only handling online orders. 🙄 I tried not to get angry, and then was told that if I call the 800 number, they will be able to help me.

Technically, I know what I’m doing. I’ve had a computer my entire life. But this time, I just feel immense stress. It’s irrational, but I do know I’m going to find that cord and get down to business.

I made some decisions for content when I return. I even contemplated a video. Don’t worry; I scrapped the idea thirty seconds after having it. I think the change of pace will be refreshing.

Wish me luck 🍀 locating this cord. 🙏 It can’t have gone far and is likely under something. Probably unfolded laundry. I never said I was perfect. 🤷

I need to be back SOON or I’ll lose what’s left of my mind. 😔


2 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. At least you posted something on your blog! Right? Hang in there. This quarantine situation will put many people to the test, but I think it’s also a perfect time for everybody to re-think their life goals and perhaps even consider new ones.

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