Nightmares In Technology

The new power supply for my laptop arrived today. It’s being returned tomorrow, or perhaps Wednesday, because the company sent me the wrong one. 🤦 The only benefit is that I’ll receive a full refund and they will pay the return shipping.

I ordered a universal power supply from Targus. I genuinely wish I’d thought of that prior to my original plan. You live, you learn. I know it’s the power supply because the battery is at 52% and I haven’t touched it since last week. I’ve been controlled about the whole thing, but I nearly cried when this didn’t work. A break is always healthy, but I’m starting to feel mentally unstable. 🤔😔

To add insult to all this minor injury, my brother has been in the hospital for nearly a week. Heart failure is ROUGH, and I would prefer NOT to be an emotional punching bag. I would like to think he’s mostly afraid, but he’s driving me insane and I’ve caught my blood pressure skyrocketing. This has lead to some vicious migraines.

He was supposed to be discharged this morning, but it now looks as though he will require surgery. I’m utterly in pieces. There’s no such thing as a “quick fix”.

I pray I’m back with you all soon. In the meantime, I’m doing my best. Pens have been used, along with notebooks. Yes, the kind with paper. 😉 But above all else, I’m losing my mind. Feel free to message me here, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or leave comments. Or not. I won’t be offended. 😉

Back ASAP.

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