Quick hello to all the new subscribers, and those of you who’ve been here for years. It really warmed my heart to see the numbers jump. Having been notified recently that I was once again named an “Inspiring Writer To Read” for 2018, it really is icing on the cake to see readership go up.

I am working on several posts for you all. The good thing; they’re interesting, important reads and a few are entertaining. Sadly, I am still dealing with my lower back injury to the best of my ability. Major kudos to the store’s corporate headquarters for being completely horrified that this happened to me, and for saying, “You matter.” If I had listened to others; I would be suffering for no fucking reason and this would have gone unreported. Instead, I have heard back from the person handling my claim with their insurance company. I have scored the next available appointment with the spine specialist I had stopped seeing, and I made an appointment with him because I feel this is in his wheelhouse in terms of ordering tests, etc. I don’t want this to drag out any longer. Sadly, I’ve got bills due yesterday, so I kind of have to be aggressive here, despite the fact that I feel bad about it. I’d feel worse if I had let it fly, especially since I don’t know what damage that hit caused. A week before I was hit, I could bend down and touch the floor; that’s how flexible I am when not injured. Now, I have to be careful with every single move because the wrong one sends me into absolute fits of pain. I feel lucky that I can walk, but still, this needs to be assessed internally and then I’ll have an idea of how to proceed. Legally, I know my rights and I have the number of a lawyer, if need be. Mostly, I want to put the legal aspects behind me and move forward with my life. I’ve got more than enough going on without additional drama piled on top of it.

I am looking forward to ensuring that 2019 is one of my most powerful years from a professional standpoint. Thank you all for joining and/or staying on the roller coaster ride. I love what I do and I am incredibly thankful for all of you.





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