20 Things You Should Never Apologize For (And 10 You Totally Should)


I agree that women have the tendency to apologize way too often for things that they didn’t even do.

If someone bumps into me, the only time I let it slide is if it’s completely unintentional. But if you’re walking through a store with a metal shopping cart while on your cell phone, ignoring everything and everyone in your visual field, and you hit me in the back, I am going to contemplate whether the jail time is worth it for being hit in a spot that can cause serious harm. If you don’t get the hell off the phone and apologize immediately, I am definitely going to say something in a tone that isn’t anywhere near polite. Especially if you just did it in front of your children, thus giving off the impression that it is acceptable behavior. I don’t care if you’re male or female, that is just plain wrong.

I’m NEVER going to apologize for being myself and speaking my mind. I am not going to neuter myself to appease others.

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