Veterans Day 2020

Because our, “freedom” has never truly been, “free”. Many people have lost their lives for our freedoms. Honor all veterans and their families, as there are great sacrifices made on so many levels.

I have friends and family members who have served this country. It’s harder than some people might realize.

Freedom Is…

“Freedom is in sunlight, mountain hikes, riversides, and in the night’s sky full of stars. Freedom is in laughter and in tears, and in moments we hold someone we love. Freedom is in breaking bread together. Freedom is in the quietness and in your breath; it is deeply felt in ordinary moments. Freedom is simply knowing what’s real. Freedom is doing what’s right. Real freedom may seem pretty boring by today’s standards; it is not perceived as spectacular, bedazzling, enthralling, or entertaining — but it means absolutely everything. Freedom is a forgotten land waiting for you to remember. Begin to remember.” -Bryant McGill