Black Cat Appreciation Day 2020

Black Cat Appreciation Day is every day, especially if you’re the owner of a majestic #BlackCat.

As my #ChocolateCoveredEspressoBean gets closer to being seven (WTF?! She was JUST a tiny kitten.), I look back on all of the good memories. She’s a sweet little girl, but she’s also smart, perceptive, innovative, and an excellent companion. She pays so much attention to everything people do, and she communicates without meowing most of the time.

Quarantine has turned her into a scheduled cat who will spend 16 hours with you, so long as you rub her belly, scratch her head, feed her on time, and don’t miss, “treat time” for ANY reason. If she’s in your lap, don’t move or talk to people via the Internet because she will put herself right into the camera. Everyone gets excited when there are cats on these things, especially when the cat is clearly putting on a show. More people, to her, means more love.

We love you, little one. Not just today, but every day. You’re such a blessing.

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Black Cat Appreciation Day 2018






My black cat was my saving grace during a bad time in my life, and she helped me focus. I saw her photo and adoption info on a Monday and by Wednesday night, she was asleep in my lap. I already knew what her name would be when I looked at her sweet face. There was no way she was going home with her “shelter name”. Not on my watch!
Her foster Mom chose to give me the “Black Friday” discount when I adopted her. I took this kitten, from a prominent kill-shelter out of Philadelphia, and all they got was $37.50 out of the deal. I always feel like I stole her. 😉 I got an AMAZING cat. I was the ONLY person who inquired about her, so the foster was ecstatic because she was going to a solid home, after her siblings had all been adopted out quickly, because none of them were black cats. 😔 Almost five years later, she’s still the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. She is a people cat, a social cat, a family cat, and she’s CRAZY LOVED. I’ve had cats my entire life and that’s probably never going to change. Extra kisses, cuddles, and grain-free treats for our lovebug today, and ALWAYS.
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