The past ten days has been incredibly LIFE CHANGING. I’m SO grateful to have my spark back. 🙏🏻 Whoever the fuck I was, I don’t even remember her anymore. I have NO clue who I left behind, but I’m relieved.

Turns out, I missed ME; the person I truly am. NOT someone else’s presumptuous bullshit about who I am, but MY TRUE SELF.

To everyone who was by my side in different ways during this particular journey: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING ME SAFE AND SANE, and hey, no one was killed during this process.😉 Though two of you are aware it came close.

I’m burying the person I’ve been; the one who has been through too much, and was still trying to be nice to people who don’t deserve the kindness or respect. No mas. I’m done with that shit. The real me has returned. Buckle up, because I’M not tolerating ANYTHING anymore from miserable people who are intimidated by true strength, or people pleasers who I have nothing in common with. I’m not obligated to anyone except myself now, and while some will think that’s selfish, those are the same people who don’t know shit about me. Get to know me; I’m exactly as advertised.

To be told I’m the most inspiring and empowering woman to be around was a VERY touching moment between myself and a new friend. I’m NEVER NOT going to let another woman know that she has a voice and a backbone. I’m a girl’s girl to my core, but I’ve also proven I can hang with giants.

I’m walking, talking, and mentally myself again. Everything has changed. Life is about to become EPIC. I’m grateful for those I’m closest to because they are the only one’s who will share in the joy and stick it out with me.

Social media makes people think they have insight. No one does just by exploring a glimpse. Some people are, by proxy, insightful because they know you in real life. They have experienced your honesty, loyalty, friendship, direct nature, laughed with you, cried with or for you, and keep you in their prayers. I’m keeping only what’s real from this moment on.

Please don’t presume anything here. Just fucking ask me directly, like an adult.

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