Fight Like Zel

When the President of a democracy says, “I don’t need a ride, I need ammo.”, it speaks to his character. Essentially, he doesn’t have to stay behind, but he has. The bravery and commitment is admirable.

Historically, Kings would go into battle. Sometimes they’d die in battle, but they still fought for their beliefs and for their position. Of course, this was centuries ago. They did what they did to protect their wives, children, and extended family from certain death. Much of it was about protecting a country and the family coat of arms. Don’t believe me? Crack a book.

Ukraine has the 5th largest Jewish population in Europe. The President is meant to stay safe, not take up arms. Yet, I have more respect for someone who fights alongside his people, and encourages and inspires tribe members globally to fight for freedom, justice, and human rights. Russia, ordered under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine with zero provocation. It’s easy to choose which side of history I’ll stand on.

Many Russians and Ukrainians share ancestry; the languages are similar, but not exact. Belarus was ordered to assist Russia in this war. I am Russian on both sides of my family, Ukrainian through my Great-Grandfather, and Belarusian through my paternal Grandfather. The men would immigrate to the United States from different places; London and Warsaw were two key points. Each one ended up with their surname changed at Ellis Island. People thought my mother was Irish, that’s how white-washed her name sounded, but it’s actually a distinctive Ukrainian surname. It’s high time to bring it back.

No side in this asked for war, for death, for their way of life to be destroyed, or for mothers to be in tears as their sons are returned home in coffins. There’s so much blood on Putin’s hands, and his behavior is beyond tyrannical. If you aren’t picking up Nazi Germany vibes, then you are not paying attention!

For those who’ve stayed silent, I am here to say what few have…


I’ve seen the comments on the Internet which go a little like this, “It’s white people versus more white people. Let’s stay out of it. It’s none of our business if they want to kill each other.” No, let’s talk about your blatant racism, first. They change their tune when they see families being destroyed on the news, and suddenly they’re all about prayers. 🙄 Sorry, I have seen you and your truth. Go fuck yourself! I said what I said.

This war will cause problems on a global scale. It’s more than death, which is the ultimate sadness and grief in this situation. Families torn apart. People trapped and starving. This is happening in 2022 and millions are saying nothing about it. I suspect that will change once your gas prices go over $4 a gallon, which many states have already seen. When it’s $8+, I want you to remember your silence. America is one of the leaders of oil production, and it is very easy to find out where every major gas station get their gas from. The prices will still be outrageous, and people will travel less as a result. I suspect the cost of public transportation will increase, as well.

What’s next? When the cost of food is so out of control, seeing as how Russia is a leader in whole wheat growth, then I’ll be curious to hear what you have to say. Not all your fancy, healthy bread, pasta, and cereal is sourced with American ingredients. I bet most of you can’t find Ukraine on a damn map with your eyes closed! Yeah, I’m angry.

For the states which decided, in their infinite wisdom, that taking Russian Standard vodka off the shelves of liquor stores to protest, well, that is laughable. Why? Because it’s already paid for. It’s better to say, as a store, that you won’t re-stock once it’s gone. That’s common sense, and a reasonable decision. Moreover, how many people in the U.S. can tell the difference between Russian vodka and American vodka? I’ll tell you who; those of us who grew up drinking vodka. If you’re going to buy anything of that nature, I recommend Stolichnaya Elit or any of their flavored vodkas (Stoli Blueberi is my go-to.). It’s historically Russian, but is made in Latvia. Mamont Siberian is very separate from Russia, proper, if you can find it. Husky is from the Arctic Circle and is extremely pure. Ocean Organic is from Hawaii. Woody Creek Distillers is from Colorado. Mildly unnecessary information, so please: Drink responsibly.

The world is forever changed by this act of aggression. We can’t be silent; none of us. These are war crimes, genocide, and real ethnic cleansing. I guess we don’t talk about any of that because Israel isn’t involved, huh? Selective racism is alive and well. 😡

I am proud of Ukraine’s President. He’s one of my people. I won’t be silent, but I’ll fight like Zel for what matters most in this world.

As you were…

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