Chef Lisa: Recipe One

Spent the afternoon making this. It’s really not time consuming, until you start chopping vegetables and herbs. I do a different take on it because it tastes better to me, and to those who go back for more. 😊😉
This is healthy and delicious, and you can pair it with anything. I make a lot because the leftovers are amazing to have on hand for a few days.

Today’s pot started with twenty ounces of bulgur wheat. Then I added finely chopped #Parsley and #Spearmint. Add #KosherSalt, #BlackPepper, and #Garlic to taste. Add the juice of four #Lemons🍋. Start with three and add more to taste. I did not plan to add more lemon, but it needed it. Maybe you will need five. I added two diced #EnglishCucumbers, and I mean it when I say they were huge. (The only acceptable substitute is two pounds of #PersianCucumbers. You’re aiming for seedless.). Then I added two chopped #RedOnions. Double check the taste and add additional ingredients accordingly. I add #HimalayanPinkSalt when it’s on my plate. That’s my preference, but not always. Sometimes it needs more lemon. You decide.

Some people like to chop up 4-6 #RomaTomatoes🍅 because they like it that way. To each their own. I intentionally leave tomatoes out or I’ll add them for people on the side. I feel like tomatoes overpower this too much (just as some people don’t use enough wheat and use way too much parsley), and since I’m trying to eat less tomato-based foods, this is part of why I omit them.

I was asked today why mine tastes so smooth. I suspect it’s the high quality #OliveOil, but in truth, my brother would tell you the secret ingredient is #Love. This is my favorite #MiddleEastern salad. I’m now craving #IsraeliPickles! 🤦 I’m pairing this tonight with Bourbon Glazed Salmon. 😊 #Tabouleh #Mangiare #לאכול

P.S. At the end, I added a ton of flat leaf parsley and more mint. Wash it and just tear it up, then stir it in. You’ll thank me later.

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