Let’s Turn It The FPUC Up!


ExtendPUA.org is doing their best to spread the word about how important the #FPUC is. Most people don’t have jobs to return to; they AREN’T being lazy or anything else politicians are claiming. They are legitimately not working because THERE IS NO WORK TO GO TO. Help me help everyone who is affected and spread the word. #ExtendPUA
Millions of people are out of work and NEED the extra #FPUC assistance to keep their mortgage/rent paid, feed their families, and cover basic necessities. They’re not flying to New Zealand on this money; they’re trying to survive a pandemic that has destroyed jobs, small businesses, livelihoods, families, and the list goes on. The toll on people’s mental health is awful. Let’s help them without judgment. Please share this and credit ExtendPUA.org for their hard work and efforts. Let’s #ExtendPUA and help everyone get through this. #Congress #StateRepresentatives @elizabethwarren @edmarkey @sethmoulton

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