Because Even In Trying…

“Because even in trying, even when it seems like absolutely nothing is happening, it’s happening.
Close your eyes & feel the slow edging of truth, of change, of who you really are.
Feel it all wash over you.
The old scabs & demons, feel them, too.
Sit still…
As so much flies and swirls all around you.
Let the past be gutted out of your bones; let it crumple, and be but a whisper of a distant, echoing memory.
So that only truth,
Only here,
Only now,
May fill & crash like the infinite ocean of beauty that is waking up inside you.
Let it spill into every crack and crevice and reservoir of your existence.
That’s how big you really are.
That’s how beautiful.
Feel comfort.
For change, it’s not always pretty, like they say it will be.
Let it be messy. Wild, too.
And know it’s okay—
Even as white hot tears and fear and sweat and pain and confusion comes to the surface to make itself known.
Even when it seems too hard.
Because you are doing it.
You’re changing.
Sometimes, it may not seem like much, but it’s everything.
Bend and sway with these wild currents of energy, of emotion, of release, that run up & down your spine like uncoiling snakes–and trust it.
You’re changing.
The old fear that kept you so small, it snaps and rips and peels, leaving your skin and heart raw enough for your soul to peak through.
The breeze, a hug, a breath—never felt so magnificent.
Because as you change, you won’t ever feel less.
You will only feel more.
The strong softness embedded in the fierce humanness you are.
Cherish it.
Surrender to softness.
Feel everything.
Come home to yourself.
It’s time.
For change is the invitation to embody ourselves in an entirely new way.
Don’t care about external pressure, about circumstances, about how it will look, or what people will think.
This time, you have to do it for you.
Be that bold.
Be that hungry to radiate from your soul.
Be that unrelenting in your thirst to be truth.
To be the love and stars and pain and hope, and all that you are.
You’re changing.
Trust it.
And this time,
It’s different than ever before.
Do it.

Sarah L. Harvey

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