National Friendship Day 2019

Today is #NationalFriendshipDay. Instead of tagging those I’m close to and value, I’m simply going to say I’m grateful for my REAL friends. Those who can spend hours talking to me about everything or nothing. Those who are kind, thoughtful, respectful, insightful, caring, nurturing, and who make me laugh. Those who check up on me. Those who genuinely care what I’m going through, etc. It’s a short list, but my heart knows who is who, instinctively.

Much like the ocean, my life has changed epically over the past few years. I’m the same person, but constantly making improvements to better myself. Growth doesn’t have to mean leaving your friends behind or cutting people out of your life and heart.

Friendship should never become something you’re lazy about, and you should NEVER take a solid friend for granted. Celebrate those who are solid in your life; those who will answer the phone for you, those who will say the goofiest shit just to make you smile, those who will take up your cause as their own, those who truly LISTENHonor your friendships with the proper amount of communication, appreciation, and validation.

Life is SHORT. We don’t know what our shelf life is on this plane of existence, so LIVE. Treat people well and treat yourself well, too. Friendship is a choice and a promise. Choose wisely.

#Love #Loyalty #Friendship #AnamCara

Copyright ©2019 by Lisa Marino and Blackbird Serenity, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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