Sharing Color

I’ve been having a terrible, rough time of late. I started writing about it, and was too sick to finish what I was writing, but I’ll get there.

As we head into this excruciatingly hot weekend (115 degrees with heat, heat index, and high humidity, as well as a few nights in the 90s), I thought I’d share a bit of brilliant, nature made color with you all. The lilies are unique and you won’t see them in anyone’s yard in random fashion. The purple one is called “Bela Lugosi”. I thought it was going to be more on the brown side, but as you can see, it isn’t. Most of these were just 4-6 flowers initially and now there are tons. The petals are thicker than you’d expect. I did my best to capture them the same day they bloomed.

Be well, everyone.



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