If I Treated You…


Think about how you treat your friends, especially when you refer to them as “family”. I treat my friends the way I want to be treated, so if you disrespect me or waste my time, or do ANYTHING to hurt me, a half-assed apology isn’t going to cut it. And not apologizing at all is even worse. My silence is deadly, but sometimes I need space before I speak. If you’ve made me hate you, I strongly suggest Witness Protection. It *might* keep you alive.
#Friendship #Perspective #Love #Loyalty #Growth🌱 #AuthenticAF

Do me a favor and tell me what this makes you think or feel. Do you take it personally, or does it merely make you sit back and think about how YOU have been treated by others, especially people you’ve been exceedingly good to? Input is helpful and much appreciated.

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