If You Can Tell Stories…


I disagree. If it didn’t matter how you write, every idiot who thinks they’re the next J.K. Rowling would be published. Bookstores would be overrun with poorly written material that some idiot behind a desk thought would make money, as opposed to truly believing in a story or the author behind it.

Writing is a business. Once the manuscript you work your ass off on is submitted, it’s all business, you are not a person to these people. When someone tells you that your hard work isn’t marketable, even if you have an audience that would happily read it, it’s a let down emotionally. I know many people who’ve left a writing career due to a failed book, or a second manuscript not being picked up by their publisher, etc. They got fed up with the business aspect and decided to throw themselves into other creative endeavors.

I think the right people (those experienced in the individual genres people submit in, not a handful of people who make these decisions) should be reading the manuscripts that get submitted and pushing hard for what is truly good. I read way too many crappy stories from established authors who push out a book or two each year, and are clearly half-assing it. That 100% matters to me as both writer and reader.