When Red Sox Fans Have Too Much Free Time

Here’s how Peppermint Petty Boston Red Sox fans are.

In my travels, and even living in this area, I see Yankees hats, shirts, and jerseys on a fairly regular basis. Way more than I used to. Even when I’m leaving the hospital where I get medical treatment, one which is branded as the official hospital for the Red Sox (Don’t buy into this. When their players are injured, they are treated at Mass General. It’s always in the papers. But sure, let’s pretend this is where you send your players. I haven’t seen one there EVER, and yes, I’ve been to the sports medicine department.), I see Yankee fans consistently on my way in or on my way out of the building, and I’ve complimented many people on the hats that MLB keeps putting out. They’re cute and I don’t really wear hats, but you get the gist.

Men, women, children are seen wearing the easily identifiable interlocked NY all over the world. I feel like it’s a symbol for so many. I have known people who’ve traveled to this country solely to go home and say, “We went to Yankee Stadium and it wad AMAZING.” For them, it was an absolute bucket list moment they’ll never forget.

So, when I was in a store last week and one of the employees tried shaming me about my Yankees shirt, I had to check myself for a moment. From the back, all you could see was a retired player’s name and number. From the front, the NY was on the left side of my chest. I was already stressed and annoyed, so I said, “Sorry. It’s where I’m from.” Then I truly had enough of his shit and said, “Actually, I’m not going to apologize for representing my home team.” That’s when he saw the error of his ways and tried to say, “It’s a great rivalry. It makes for great games.” I rolled my eyes like a true New Yorker and kept it moving.

Call me when you’ve got twenty-seven World Series championships under your belt. In the meantime, I’ll continue bleeding Yankee blue.

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