The First August Caturday


My cats have a unique way of blending into their surroundings and, on occasion, freaking me out with their weirdness. I have never owned a normal cat. I always get the weird ones, the bossy ones, the ones that shriek because they can’t see me or find me, and are therefore, high maintenance. I would laugh if I could, but it’s been a ROUGH week. Sometimes, cats make things better or happier. My British Bombay tumbling around on fresh catnip and then getting calm and sleepy was one of the better moments of the week. My little Tortie chewed on some catnip and fell asleep within minutes. I watched her eyes droop right before she put her head down. Catnip is supposed to be a stimulant.

So, everything smells like catnip and I’m having trouble sleeping. P.S. Dried catnip (which happens very quickly when it’s fresh) is a lot like smelling a wet menthol cigarette. I usually say it smells like a locker room, but that’s Valerian root. Bless their sweet, demon child hearts. 😉

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