Current Mood: Disturbed


It’s disconcerting to know that the state of Georgia has decided to reopen and force people back to work, in what will almost certainly be an issue with mass casualties. Just because your state hasn’t seen New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington State, Italy, Spain, or China numbers does NOT mean you are safe and that it will pass over you. No one is immune here. The ignorance is beyond astounding.

A nurse mentioned to me the other day that one of her patients is still testing positive seven weeks later. My doctor’s appointments this month are all via phone. I don’t know if my treatment next month will be rescheduled or if I’ll be allowed to go in, and naturally, it is a medical building and I have my concerns. If it’s not canceled, I can show up close to my appointment time and leave immediately afterwards, but I’ll still question the safety level of doing so. Unfortunately, once you’re in treatment for something this painful, you try very hard to stick to the schedule. I do not believe the hospital would intentionally put me at risk, but they’ve done damage to me before, so I am hesitant. However, a quick appointment is VERY different from DragonCon and letting people into hotels, restaurants, etc. I feel like it’s way too early for any of that and quite frankly, you could not get me to do it. I hope everyone participating uses common sense and gets this canceled. If ComicCon is canceled, then so should the smaller conventions (Boston and New York acted immediately to postpone theirs.). It is most assuredly not safe.

In other news, I’m still alive. Sort of.

Be well, folks.

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