Giving Back To The Creative Community

Once or twice a week I’d like to take the time to promote someone with a small business, someone promoting a book release (I have to have read an ARC AND know you well enough to be able to back the material.) they aren’t allowed to tour for, someone who is crafty as hell and shipping items out as part of his or her normal, every day, work from home process. Each business will, ostensibly, be from different fields, but there might be some overlap here and there. I hope that this will help people, like me, who aren’t living on a guaranteed salary. Times are tough and I want to support as many people as possible. Lord knows most people are shopping online right now anyway, so why not support people who are talented instead of forking money over to Target or another big box store? Small businesses NEED your support now more than ever.

If you know anyone you’d like to see featured or you’ve got a side gig I know nothing about, please send a direct message to me on Instagram: Original Poison In Lethal Doses


Or you can leave detailed information by commenting on this post. I already have a few people in mind and will begin this process ASAP.

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