My Brother Is Missing


I called the police this morning to report my brother missing. I have been freaked out, in a terrible panic, since Friday morning. I cannot sleep, I’m having trouble functioning on all cylinders, and I’m concerned because it’s clear that no one gives a fuck but me.

Apparently to the cops, my reporting him missing means he is either A) a drug addict, B) an alcoholic, or C) Mad at me and avoiding me. No assholes, it’s D) None of the fucking above.

The last message I have from my brother is that he loved me, and would call or e-mail me later on in the day. At 3:46 a.m. on Friday; I’ve heard not a word since then. I’ve probably sent him 50 messages, if not more. He might ignore three or four, but there’s no way he’d go days without answering me or contacting me unless something horrible happened.

I suppose if you’re not close to a sibling, that might not bother you, but I am my brother’s rock. I’ve called every hospital I can think of, he’s not in any of them. The officer assisting me (and I’m going to use that term loosely for now) informed me that due to his health, he may have been moved to a hospital that will not admit to having him due to HIPAA violations. He said he could go down there, but that not only won’t they admit if they have him or not to the police, even if they had a warrant, but they also have the right to keep people there for anywhere from 5-120 days, by law. That only made it worse for me, hearing those words. I am his emergency contact, I feel it is my right to know where the hell he is if you’re holding him for ANY fucking reason.

My brother is not a danger to others or himself. He’s much more apt to help a person than he is to harm them. He’s a caring soul, despite all the harm that he has been subjected to. I am praying to all that is Holy that I do hear from him soon. I cannot track him via his phone or social media (though I did post to his Facebook wall that he’s missing; in case a friend comes across it and knows where he is.). I called the last friend I know he’d been in touch with, but I don’t have contact info for many others. I will keep calling this friend until I find out whether or not he has seen him, because I know for a fact they spoke Thursday.

I won’t lie; I’m afraid I will soon be writing a eulogy. Or worse. that he will never be found.

If I find out that someone has hurt him, I solemnly swear to hunt them down like a lion hunts a wildebeest and tear their organs out slowly.

I am trying to be strong here, but sometimes even the strong have a breaking point.

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4 thoughts on “My Brother Is Missing

    • Believe me Steven, it might very well be all I talk about for a while because the police aren’t that interested in helping. A friend is trying to help me organize an on-line campaign to help find him, out of support, as her daughter went missing recently and I was the first person to ask what I could do to help. The main problem is; my brother is an adult. The police insinuated a lot of ugly things. It took a lot for me to rein my temper in.

      I genuinely appreciate your kindness and concern. 🙂

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      • It’s amazing to me that they aren’t taking it more seriously, his health being what it is. It shouldn’t matter that he’s an adult if there’s genuine concern for his whereabouts from a close family member. Good luck with your on-line campaign… I hope it works out well for everyone!


  1. They’re not interested in being helpful at all. They actually threatened me with imprisonment and a fine if I am filing a false report! I nearly lost it then, but decided it was best to keep my mouth shut, just in case they do find him and I have to say thank you at some point. However, it will soon be a week and no word. It doesn’t leave me feeling very comforted. 😦


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