Maybe No One Has Told You…

“Maybe no one has told you in a long time… but I see you sitting there, feeling so empty. Doubting every single thing about yourself, minimizing all the positive, blowing up the negative, and I know. Sometimes you tell yourself you haven’t done anything with your life and you reflect on all the years that went by. You feel small, unnoticed, and sometimes invisible, don’t you? So, I need to let you know I see you… Maybe I am you. You. You are larger than life, so beautiful, so important, and wow… I wish you could see yourself from where I stand. If it wasn’t for you, think of all the things that would be different right now. A lot of things wouldn’t exist. So, if you ever think you don’t matter, have a seat where I sit… I have a front row view to you. Your heart of gold, the way your wear it in your eyes, on your sleeve, the way you give it to anyone who needs it. Because of you, someone else is better right now. Maybe someone is smiling. That’s enough. You are enough. I hope you believe me. I hope you notice yourself. Because I do. I see you. And I think you are beautiful.”

Stephanie BennettHenry

Positive vibes to spread when I’m walking through hell daily, and wondering why I’m still here.

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