World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

I’m not going to share my story this year because no one needs to hear it, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for triggering anyone. 

Know that there’s help available; you merely have to find the right kind of help. This can be the majority of the battle, but give yourself a tenth chance, a fiftieth chance, etc. When others fail, bet on yourself. Yes, I know this is difficult. More than I care to admit, at times.

If this struggle does NOT effect you or your loved ones, you’re damn lucky. Please understand that the face of a suicidal person can be ANYONE, because there are rarely warning signs. Pay it forward, if you can, and please make a donation to:

To Write Love On Her Arms

Link is attached to text.

Thank you. ✌💜

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